Why no public hue and cry over neuroscience disinvestment? Does nobody care about brain diseases and brain disorders?

Shane O'Mara

The past few years have seen astonishing disinvestment by the pharmaceutical industry in neuroscience research. There have been closures announced of whole research divisions by virtually all the major pharmaceutical companies. They are ceasing research in neuroscience because of its complexity, cost, and their current lack of capacity to deliver a pipeline of meaningful market prospects for the medicines they are attempting to develop. Estimates of the cost of bringing a new drug to the market are in the $USD 500 M – 1 B range. These are astonishing costs for any private entity to maintain on an ongoing basis (especially when the costs of the many failed drugs are also taken into account). Public investment has not filled this research funding gap, and there has been little public or political anger over the issue. Imagine the public response to this scale of disinvestment in cancer or infectious diseases. At…

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Author: Shane O'Mara

Neuroscientist, Psychologist, Writer

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