A Model of Cotard’s Syndrome – A Secondary Consequence of Antiviral Treatment for Coldsores

I’ve made a brief mention of  Cotard’s here before – to be convinced that one’s self is dead (see also, toward the end). Via @robertmckenna, here’s an amazing piece which suggests that: Via New Scientist, the bizarre, unintended side effect of a cold sore medication suggests that it may be possible to engineer a drug that induces the living-dead mental state: Pharmacologists have… Read More

Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience – Annual Symposium, 5th November 2013

Originally posted on Shane O'Mara:
TCIN Symposium 5 November 2013       We are delighted to announce the TCIN Annual Symposium on Tuesday 5 November 2013 Symposium Draft Schedule Academic session starting at 10.00am Theatre LB11, The Lloyd Building, Trinity College Dublin

Why do I forget jobs I have completed? Bluma Zeigarnik, the Zeigarnik Effect and Memories from the Great Terror

‘What did you do at work today?’ ‘Lots – very busy indeed – lots happening…’ ‘But what did you do?’ ‘Err… hold on – I need to check my diary, emails and to do list…. but I was very busy’ [voice trails away, while wondering if there is some strange incipient amnesia on the way] Why… Read More

Neuroanatomical investigations of the projections of the Papez circuit, with an emphasis on connections to the diencephalon

The projections of the extended hippocampal formation are still to a surprising extent under-described and under-investigated, despite the Papez circuit having been first postulated in 1937.  James Papez originally proposed that “the hypothalamus, the anterior thalamic nuclei, the gyrus cinguli, the hippocampus and their interconnections constitute a harmonious mechanism which may elaborate the functions of central emotion,… Read More

Want to kill a zombie? Forget my advice and get yourself a pet grizzly bear.

Forget my advice and get yourself a pet grizzly bear… http://boingboing.net/2013/10/14/zombiesvsanimals.html Fabulous piece with amazing wildlife embeds. And it maybe explains why you see so few animals in zombie flicks: the producers know that a grizzly bear is more than a match for a zombie swarm.

DSM 5 controversies and a ‘novel’ reading of its contents

The new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, version 5 was released in May, attended by DSM 5 Controversies in the media, blogs and the academic literature (see this also). Thomas Insell (Director of the NIMH) comments that The goal of this new manual, as with all previous editions, is to provide a common language for describing psychopathology. While DSM has been described as a “Bible”… Read More

Exploring adverse neuropsychiatric effects of interferon alpha, using a preclinical model; exploring behavioural and pharmacological pathways to amelioration of these adverse effects

Recombinant Human Interferon-Alpha Pic from the Wikimedia Commons. Interferon alpha is widely used in the treatment of a variety of non-neurological conditions (for example, hepatitis C, Kaposi’s sarcoma, among others). It is in fact currently the only FDA-approved treatment for hepatitis C. Treatment for hepatitis is limited by the striking and adverse neuropsychiatric consequences of interferon alpha… Read More

Silly conference invite of the day – a ‘majestic’ spamferencing email

There’s lots of chatter about on twitter and other places about spamferences. I get invites of dubious grammer at the rate of several per week to all sorts of weird and wonderful conferences of uncertain merit at distant locations around the world. Today’s invite is special, though. The invite says, among many other things: Your… Read More