Validation of the face-name pairs task in major depression: impaired recall but not recognition

Take-home Message: memory – and especially associative memory – is impaired in a wide variety of neuropsychiatric and neurological conditions. Face-name pair learning is a useful method to tap into deficits in associative memory; usefully, it is a task dramatically impaired by lesions of the extended hippocampal formation. Here, we show that patients with depression showed… Read More

‘The Integrative Action of the Nervous System’ and other works: The beautiful writing style of Sir Charles Sherrington

Sir Charles Sherrington is one of the greatest names in the history of neuroscience, and especially in neurophysiology. His book ‘The Integrative Action of the Nervous System’ – dating from a series of lectures in Yale (1906) is still an absolutely amazing read. Sherrington was a most beautiful and elegant writer. Introducing the term ‘the synapse’,… Read More

The subiculum: what it does, what it might do, and what neuroanatomy has yet to tell us.

Take-home message: a combined review and theory, presenting some ideas on the functions of the subiculum. I argue that there is a dorso-ventral segregation of function within the subiculum: the dorsal component appears principally concerned with the processing of information about space, movement and memory, whereas the ventral component appears to play a major regulatory role… Read More

Some notes on the experimental psychology of homophobia

There has been an impassioned debate over homophobia in Irish public life this past few weeks. This speech at the Abbey Theatre has deservedly gone viral. There has been a quite remarkable debate in the Dail, with two gay TDs giving life to the stories of homophobia that they have experienced. And one Senator has found that standards… Read More

Heroin, addiction and free will

Originally posted on Mind Hacks:
The death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman has sparked some strong and seemingly contradictory responses. What these reactions show is that many people find it hard to think of addiction as being anything except either a choice or a loss of free will. The fact that addiction could involve an active…