Ireland needs to up its game on innovation, warns ex-Intel boss –


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English: Craig Barrett being interviewed at the 2008 World Economic Forum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A piece in Sunday Independent well worth reading – an interview with Craig Barrett, the former CEO of Intel. I’ve seen no coverage of this interview in the media here at all. For those interested in innovation, his bottom line makes for uncomfortable reading:

IRELAND needs to at least treble its investment in research and development to compete in the world technology market warned…

“It needs to be at least 5 per cent of GDP in Ireland, or around €10bn,” said Barrett, who led the world’s biggest silicon chip maker through the dotcom bust and the recession that followed.

These are very large numbers indeed. It’s difficult to see how, given current constraints on Government spending, that this is likely to happen on the public expenditure side anytime soon. OTOH, overall RnD spending also consists of private sector investment… maybe we’ll see more of this in the coming years?

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Author: Shane O'Mara

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