Wellcome Trust launches Mosaic – a new digital publication to explore the science of life

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Mosaic - the science of life

Today the Wellcome Trust is excited to launch its new online publication ‘Mosaic’, exploring the science of life. The Trust’s Head of Communications and Editorial Director of Mosaic,Mark Henderson, tells us what makes Mosaic stand out from the crowd, and why he feels now is the perfect time for open access science journalism…

First there was open source software, given away for anybody to download, use and share without charge. Then there was open access publishing, the movement to make the results of scientific research freely available to read without paying journal subscription fees. Today, the Wellcome Trust is launching a fresh experiment in open information, this time in science journalism.

Mosaic, our new digital publication devoted to long-form features about the science of life, is not only free for anybody to read. Its content is also freely available for anybody else to republish or share through…

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Author: Shane O'Mara