Ussher Assistant Professor in Functional Neuroimaging, Trinity College, the University of Dublin

Advert here. TRINITY COLLEGE, THE UNIVERSITY OF  DUBLIN, IRELAND Ussher Assistant Professor in Functional Neuroimaging 5 Year Contract Post Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine School of Psychology The College seeks an Ussher Assistant Professor in Functional Neuroimaging who will carry out teaching and research on brain imaging relevant to… Read More

How real science labs work

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“Piled Higher and Deeper” by Jorge Cham I was reading The Antidote – an excellent book on negative thinking, stoicism and the bankruptcy of self-help; via this post on the New Yorker – and I stumbled onto a paper by the psychologist Kevin Dunbar on how science is made.…

Talking Sense Into Anti-Vaxxers

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Chris Mooney reports on a new study that suggests it may be impossible: The paper tested the effectiveness of four separate pro-vaccine messages, three of which were based very closely on how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) itself talks about vaccines. The results can only be called…

The cholinergic hypothesis of age-related memory decline: Some notes

Disorders of memory in the ageing brain are widespread, cause significant personal distress, and are a major clinical problem. A decline in memory function is a more-or-less inevitable part of normal ageing, although the rate of decline can be reduced by regular aerobic exercise, a good diet and regular (but demanding) neurocognitive challenges. More intractable, however,… Read More