PhD Studentship

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PhD Studentship in Moral Reasoning A PhD studentship is available to carry out research on cognitive processes in moral judgments supervised by Ruth Byrne. The PhD studentship is funded from a grant awarded by the John Templeton Foundation. It will provide the successful candidate with €16,000 per annum…

What use are PhD’s? What future do they have?

 A picture attached to a tweet I received from Where will a biology PhD take you? Probably not academia: <8% of new PhDs will get tenure. via @jameswilsdon — Mo Costandi (@mocost) April 15, 2014 @mocost (and others) is profoundly depressing. It plots the number of biology PhD students in the US (86,000) against the… Read More

This is how stigma works

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Sussex Police issue a statement about ‘Concern for missing Chichester man’, ITN News report it as ‘Police warn public over missing mental health patient’. Sussex police: Police are appealing for information about missing 43-year old Jason Merriman, who left The Oaklands Centre for Acute Care in Chichester on unescorted leave…

John Waters (not the other one) on depression: ‘Not even wrong’

John Waters (the columnist, not the other one – don’t confuse them!) is quoted in today’s Sunday Independent as follows: “I don’t believe in depression. There’s no such thing. It’s an invention. It’s bullshit,” he said, “it’s a cop out.” To which I can only say ‘wow’! There are at least two possibilities here. The first is that he… Read More