Researcher Spotlight: Dr Colm Cunningham

Nice piece on my TCIN colleague, Dr Colm Cunningham.

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On the Wellcome Trust blog we like to celebrate the people and the work that define who we are. In our new Researcher Spotlights series we will introduce you to some of the great people that we fund, and give you a peek into the work they are doing.

Dr Colm Cunningham

Dr Colm Cunninghamis a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow and Research Lecturer at Trinity College Dublin. We asked him to tell us what he’s working on, and if anything keeps him awake at night…

What are you researching?

The interaction between systemic inflammation and existing neurodegenerative processes – in essence, why is it that relatively mild inflammatory insults, which produce only mild feelings of sickness in the normal healthy person, can produce profound confusion, and attentional and cognitive disruption, in those with prior neurodegenerative changes in their brains?

Delirium is the extreme end of this spectrum and these disturbing episodes…

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Author: Shane O'Mara