Young Neuroscientists Symposium 2014 | Neuroscience Ireland

Young Neuroscientists Symposium 2014 | Neuroscience Ireland   via Young Neuroscientists Symposium 2014 | Neuroscience Ireland. Saturday, 20th September 2014, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, Trinity College Dublin   The Young Neuroscientists Symposium (YNS) will be an excellent forum for all young neuroscientists to present and discuss their research. The event is aimed at promoting the research of… Read More

Nicholas Wade and race: building a scientific façade – Some further comments from the PoV of brain research

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“…for he has no right to give names to objects which he cannot define.” –Charles Darwin Do “races” exist as meaningful biological categories? Physical anthropologists and human biologists have been studying race (i.e., blacks vs. whites, or Europeans vs. Asians) for centuries. For most of that time, they subscribed to…

The stressed brain… Impacts on work, business and cognition

Popular media suggest that modern society is afflicted by stress: Google yields 154,000,000 hits for ‘stress’  and 36,700,000 hits for ‘stress epidemic’. Current EU estimates suggest work-related stress (defined as “a pattern of emotional, cognitive, behavioural and physiological reactions to adverse and noxious aspects of work content, work organisation and work environment. Stress is caused by… Read More

Some adventures in fringe science: Lyall Watson and ‘new age’ biology

We did a major cull of books today – which was purgative, reminiscence-inducing and shelf-clearing.It’s a little odd clearing out lots of old books – even if they are destined for a good home. You’ve spent time in the company of something that someone has worked very hard to produce, even if it’s just some… Read More