Depression, epilepsy and some more pop sociology: Joy Division and Ian Curtis (updated)

In this piece (which started out considering the psychological value of play, idleness, and boredom), I wondered if “there [was] something significant in the fact that all of these bands emerged from the industrialised north of England during the 1970’s and 1980’s (Morrissey – Manchester; The Specials – Coventry; Pet Shop Boys – Newcastle and Blackpool) during a… Read More

We must rediscover the psychological importance of idleness, play and even boredom (updated a little, including new videos and some pop sociological speculations)

Aeon brings us an important, beautifully-written and profound meditation by psychologist Peter Gray on the importance of play during and for human development that should be read by educators, politicians and parents alike. Children’s own self-directed play has been systematically devalued and squeezed to the margins in developed societies in favour of adult-directed and controlled activity. There are lots… Read More

Cognition enhancement via drugs – “Smart and smarter drugs | Mosaic”

Embed from Getty Images Great piece on a topic we have dealt with here before – allegedly cognition-enhancing drugs. via Smart and smarter drugs | Mosaic. Author: Marek Kohn Editor: Giles Newton Copyeditor: Kirsty Strawbridge Fact checker: Lowri Daniels Illustrator: Mari Kanstad Johnsen Art director: Peta Bell “You know how they say that we can only access 20 per cent of our… Read More