What ingredient specifically scares you in the flu vaccine and why?

Dr. Jen Gunter

imgresDangerous ingredients, like toxins, antifreeze, and mercury, are touted by many as reasons to decline vaccination against influenza. However, toxin is an inaccurate term regarding vaccines (a toxin is a poisonous substance made by cells or organisms and is definitely not in any vaccine), mercury is a non issue (see below), and there is no antifreeze in vaccines (although some contain propylene glycol, while technically this can be used as antifreeze it is also used in lots of processed foods and baked goods and medications and is most definitely NOT the antifreeze you buy at the auto parts store).

Fear mongering aside, it is very fair to want to know the ingredients of vaccines whether it is for personal education, to learn more about how vaccines work, or to assure yourself that vaccines are indeed safe.

So here are the ingredients in the flu vaccine:

1) The flu virus, either dead…

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Author: Shane O'Mara

Neuroscientist, Psychologist, Writer

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