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7343027064_6fabf50588_zAfter time spent listening to members of our community – Trust staff, grantholders, and researchers from around the UK and the globe – the Wellcome Trust has updated its funding schemes to make them simpler and more flexible for applicants. Today we launch our new Collaborative Awards, enabling teams of researchers to apply together and bring new perspectives to the work they are doing. Wellcome Trust Director of Strategy Clare Matterson explains more about these grants, and looks at the importance of team work…

Working as a team is a key skill that we learn throughout our lives, starting as children. Last year my 11 year old daughter’s football club frequently lost 10-0 or even 15-0 – a dispiriting experience for the cold parents on the side-lines, let alone for the kids. They were not lacking talent at the game, but experience of how to work as a team. This…

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Author: Shane O'Mara


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