Worried about the ‘zero risk’ approach to childhood? Relief is now just a click away

Originally posted on Rethinking Childhood:
I am pleased to announce that my 2007 book No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse society can now be downloaded direct from this website as a pdf, thanks to my publishers Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. I am also pleased to announce that the mighty Playscapes playground design blog will…

Blurb for my new book with HUP – Why Torture Doesn’t Work: The Neuroscience of Interrogation

‘Why Torture Doesn’t Work: The Neuroscience of Interrogation’ can now be preordered from: Amazon (.com) Amazon (.co.uk) Harvard University Press Torture is banned because it is cruel and inhumane. But as Shane O’Mara writes in this account of the human brain under stress, torture should never be condoned because it does not work the way torturers assume it… Read More

SCIENCE GALLERY PODCAST: Science Gallery Dublin, Episode 7: Brain For Business

The human brain is the most complex structure in the known universe. Brain For Business is a new series of events at Science Gallery that explores the latest findings from neuroscience and psychology and applies them to the world of business and entrepreneurship. Hosted by Jess Kelly from Newstalk, the first installment featured neuroscientist Shane… Read More

Decoding signal processing in thalamo-hippocampal circuitry: implications for theories of memory and spatial processing.

Our latest paper, focusing on signals afferent to the hippocampal formation as determinants of hippocampal dynamics, and therefore memory and spatial cognition [download]. Brain Res. 2014 Dec 9. pii: S0006-8993(14)01672-2. doi:10.1016/j.brainres.2014.12.003. Decoding signal processing in thalamo-hippocampal circuitry: implications for theories of memory and spatial processing. Tsanov M, O׳Mara SM Highlights Thalamo-hippocampal projections are vital for episodic… Read More

Pls RT: Postdoctoral Fellowship available immediately in behavioural neurophysiology

Postdoctoral Fellowship available immediately in behavioural neurophysiology Available from the 1st of March on a Science Foundation Ireland PI grant of a max 4 yrs duration to work on the electrophysiology of the claustrum in the freely-moving rat. There is almost nothing known about the claustrum, and therefore great scientific scope for a motivated and… Read More