Why Torture Fails – A podcast interview with Julie Rose

Why Torture Doesn’t Work (from 50:26 – here’s the podcast. There’s lots of other interesting material there too). Guest: Shane O’Mara, Ph. D., Professor of Experimental Brain Research at Trinity College in Dublin We now know that the nation’s largest professional organization for psychologists colluded with the US government to sanction the use of torture to… Read More

At the Festival of Curiosity – Design Futures (And me on why wearables don’t work)

The Festival of Curiosity (And why wearables don’t work) Really enjoyed @festofcuriosity event with the fab @AmyCongdon @shaunoboyle @smomara1 (pic by @dj_mckeown) pic.twitter.com/h7ed5Lq1y9 — claireoconnell (@claireoconnell) July 23, 2015 Great talks today, all moderated by the ever-excellent and wonderful Claire O’Connell.  Amy Congdon gave an eye-popping talk on the possible clothes and fabrics of tomorrow; Shaun… Read More

Design Futures: Fashion, Body & The Mind at the Festival of Curiosity

The Festival of Curiosity How long will we live? How is the latest research in science and technology allowing us design our bodies and minds?  Is biotechnology is going to give the design world the biggest set of new materials and tools it has ever had the opportunity to play with? Join us for our lunchtime Design… Read More

The science of “hangry”—why some people get grumpy when they’re hungry

Great piece on a what is a new name for an old feeling: hangry (a very useful portmanteau of hungry and angry). This is a feeling I recognise sadly too easily! Glucose-depleted, decision-fatigued, caffeine-deprived frontal lobes are a good model for transient dysexecutive function – especially the emotional dysregulation that can occur. Advertisers have cleverly… Read More

My Chronicle of Higher Education Piece – The Neuroscience of Interrogation: Why Torture Doesn’t Work

I have a piece in Chronicle of Higher Education. It discusses in part the ‘‘bombshell report’ on the American Psychological Association’s ‘independent review of whether there was any factual support for the assertion that APA engaged in activity that would constitute collusion with the Bush administration to promote, support or facilitate the use of “enhanced” interrogation techniques by the United States… Read More

The Cognitive Thalamus – Superb ebook available for download from Frontiers

Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience did a superb special issue on the cognitive functions of the thalamus recently. It was edited by Yuri B Saalmann and Sabine Kastner. It is also now available as a very handsome ebook. Here’s the summary: Cognitive processing is commonly conceptualized as being restricted to the cerebral cortex. Accordingly, electrophysiology, neuroimaging and lesion studies involving human and… Read More