“Most of our organs can be treated as repairable machines. Why can’t we treat mental illness by simply fixing the brain?”

Terrific piece on Aeon – well-worth reading. Our understanding and treatment of mental disorders is primitive. Why is that? The burden on our society is huge. A quarter of women will have an episode of depression at some stage in their lives (it’s about half that for men). Most will never reach a doctor or… Read More

‘Cruel and unuseful punishment’ – a review of ‘Why Torture Doesn’t Work’ in Science by Richard McNally

My book Why Torture Doesn’t Work: The Neuroscience of Interrogation (Harvard University Press) is reviewed by Richard McNally in Science today. Some quotes: Praising the book’s rigor, depth, and clarity, reviewer Richard J. McNally delves into the scientific evidence against enhanced interrogation techniques. And “…the assumption underlying the ticking time bomb defense is that abusive questioning reliably causes people to reveal… Read More