“Most of our organs can be treated as repairable machines. Why can’t we treat mental illness by simply fixing the brain?”

Terrific piece on Aeon – well-worth reading.

Our understanding and treatment of mental disorders is primitive. Why is that? The burden on our society is huge. A quarter of women will have an episode of depression at some stage in their lives (it’s about half that for men). Most will never reach a doctor or be diagnosed. About 40 per cent of those who do won’t respond to the first antidepressant they are prescribed, and about 60 per cent of those won’t respond to the second. About half of schizophrenics will get better or manage to live reasonable lives: the other half will relapse or never recover in the first place. Anorexia nervosa claims the lives of more patients proportionately than any other mental disorder. But mental disorders are only one category – a rather artificial one – of brain disorders.

[By Joe Herbert, emeritus professor of neuroscience at the Cambridge Centre for Brain Repair at the University of Cambridge.]

Author: Shane O'Mara

Neuroscientist, Psychologist, Writer

One thought on ““Most of our organs can be treated as repairable machines. Why can’t we treat mental illness by simply fixing the brain?”

  1. Shane: check this out and then the next one. Trinity Horizon 1997 led to Trinity College 1998-2003. Tedx reading books finding a meaning in life – please let the elites of academia and research stand aside from samples with no names. This will tell you a story of mental health and there is so much more. I want to take the opportunity to tell people about Brent Pope – my ignorance I know nothing about rugby so knew nothing about him until the Late Late show last week. I have a young friend now 15 months in public psychiatric, 12 yrs revolving door. We need to act now and change our approach to mental health. I am willing to help but I am only one person but with passion to create an alternative to the way we treat people. Trinity College Psychology services Tenia was my mentor, my supporter and others. This is all detailed, if you care to look at it. Nietzche ‘He who has the why to live can bear almost any how’ http://wp.me/p5ArJ2-h via @canisgallicus

    Regarding Trinity College and the Royal City of Dublin hospital. Now here is a challenge for you to make a centre of excellence in the heart of the business community of Dublin 4.

    again WordPress.com canisgallicus Royal City of Dublin hospital opened 1832.

    Thank you


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