Working Better: Brain Science in Business

Are there lessons from the behavioral and brain sciences that can be applied to help performance in business and organisations? There are indeed many lessons from sleep hygiene to managing stressto creativity. I discuss some of these lessons of these below in an interview with Roddy Millar of IEDP – International Executive Development Programs. Roddy Millar interviews Shane O’Mara (Cross-posted from Psychology Today – The Interrogated… Read More

Reblog: Eight ways we’re improving mental health — Wellcome Trust Blog

In the UK 1 in 4 people will develop a mental health condition, and three quarters of these people will receive no treatment. In low and middle income countries treatment rates are even lower. This Mental Health Awareness Week, Dr Raliza Stoyanova, our Neuroscience and Mental Health Senior Portfolio Developer, explains eight approaches we’re […] via… Read More

Project Syndicate Article: Why Torture Doesn’t Work

I have an article up on the Project Syndicate platform. Opening para: DUBLIN – Interrogation is far too important to be left to amateurs. Obtaining actionable and reliable intelligence can be crucial to activities ranging from everyday law enforcement to preventing acts of terror. That’s why interrogation techniques should be based on brain and behavioral sciences, not… Read More