Study: Controlling parents have maladaptive perfectionist kids — Quartz

Common sense suggests that being too critical or overbearing is not a great way to parent. Now science can back that up. In a five-year study of primary school children in Singapore, researchers found that children with controlling parents are more likely to be overly critical of themselves, a problem that increases with age. Being… via… Read More

Early hippocampal volume loss as a marker of eventual memory deficits caused by repeated stress (our latest paper)

Available as an open access download from Nature Scientific Reports Mohammed Mostafizur Rahman, Charlotte K. Callaghan, Christian M. Kerskens, Sumantra Chattarji & Shane M. O’Mara Abstract Exposure to severe and prolonged stress has detrimental effects on the hippocampus. However, relatively little is known about the gradual changes in hippocampal structure, and its behavioral consequences, over the course of repeated… Read More