What did Dan Hannan MEP & Vote Leave actually want?

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(Remainers) would be on much stronger ground is in trying to work with us on a new post EU consensus. I have to accept that this was a narrow outcome, 48.1% represents a very large majority (sic) … the result exercises a measure of temperance on us, of moderation.

So those of us on the winning side need to listen particularly to the concerns that our remain voting friends raised…to see if we can’t reach a position that is capable of uniting the majority of people in Britain. It may too far for some, it may not go far enough for others but something that both sides can at least live with.

Dan Hannan, MEP and leading Brexiteer, July 27th 2016.

A plea to Remainers to work with the winning side to reach a compromise.  A commendable recognition of the 48.1% and an effort to build bridges, to meet in the…

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Author: Shane O'Mara

Neuroscientist, Psychologist, Writer

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