Science Gallery Dublin: Before The Story So Far

Ian Brunswick - On Science and Culture

The Story So Far is the title of Science Gallery Dublin’s continually-evolving video summary of its evolution to date (latest version viewable here). This essay covers the years before it all began, principally 2006 and 2007, and investigates why and how Science Gallery came to be at Trinity College Dublin. By no means an exhaustive record of key people in the development of Science Gallery, this history is based on interviews with four of the early influencers. Essential reading on Science Gallery’s ‘early days’ includes a 2008 Nature article and a 2009 article in UMACJ, both by Michael John Gorman. A version of this post was originally published as a chapter in Little Country, Big Talk

In his keynote address to the 2016 International Council of Museums conference, Orhan Pamuk, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, called for a change in the role and structure of museums in the…

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Author: Shane O'Mara

Neuroscientist, Psychologist, Writer

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