Bad News on Brain Training- it doesn’t work (but check out things that do)

(Music: Dave Brubeck; Yann Tiersen)

Brain Training doesn’t work…

The search is on for the brain training shortcut allowing you to perform better, stronger, faster, and for longer. We’d all like a shortcut to help us function better: one that quickly overcomes fatigue, boosts our overall performance, one that enhances learning and memory. For most of us, that tends to be a cup of coffee or tea: both give you a rapid, if short-lived, boost. For some, however – the foolish, the willfully-uninformed, the snake-oil purveyors – the way forward is the new smart pill (nootropic), or the new brain training game or even, perhaps, a brain stimulation device. They eye these treatments as potential shortcuts with the hope that these will ‘train the brain’ to perform more effectively.

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Author: Shane O'Mara


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