Central Park Walking; Good Boredom; Status Anxiety and Mafia Bosses; Daft Beliefs; Oldest Institutions

Let’s go for a walk in the park – Central Park, NYC: In an interview with Kaitlyn Zafonte of Central Park Conservancy, I discuss the benefits of walking in nature, even if you live in urban setting. And is there anywhere more urban than New York? (Yes, of course – lots of places have higher urban… Read More

Top 2020 posts: Orwell (+ copyright); Let’s Walk; Sleepy Secrets; Covid Brain Fog; Brain Training; Cities

Here are the top five most popular posts of the past couple of months since I started this newsletter – if you enjoy the small, medium and large slices of writing at BrainPizza – consider sharing or subscribing. There’ll be lots more writing coming in 2021… and 2021 is going to be a better year than the one we’ve… Read More