A small but persistent peeve: Journal referencing styles are a waste of time

Context: there are many things wrong with academic publishing (the financial winners and losers from the unpaid burden of peer review, for a start). But here’s a simple one: the house style for referencing for journals is utterly inconsistent, user unfriendly and a staggering waste of time. It would make life easier for everyone if… Read More

In Praise of Walking – My new book

In Praise of Walking is now available in hardback, paperback and Audible versions. You can get it via: Amazon.com Amazon.uk PenguinRandomHouse Audible Some reviews: New Scientist: ‘’informative and persuasive enough to rouse the most ardent couch potato’ The Times: “Fascinating … O’Mara argues [walking] is intimately connected to our bodies, our brains, and ultimately how we exist… Read More

The Psychological Science Accelerator: Call for Study Submissions (Deadline: June 20th)

Originally posted on Psychological Science Accelerator:
The Psychological Science Accelerator (PSA), a network of 300 labs collaborating to collect large-scale international samples of psychological data, is currently accepting study proposals from all areas of psychological science. Anyone can submit a proposal, whether or not they are a member of the PSA. Our mission is to…

Conscious spoons, really? Pushing back against panpsychism

Originally posted on NeuroBanter:
So today I’d been planning to write about a new paper from our lab, just out in Neuropsychologia, in which we show how people without synaesthesia can be trained, over a few weeks, to have synaesthesia-like experiences – and that this training induces noticeable changes in their brains. It’s interesting stuff,…

The real reason a third of antidepressants are prescribed for something else

From Quartz “It was when he became a father that Michael Briggs resolved to somehow bring his ulcerative colitis under control. He was determined to avoid what many people with the disease end up needing—having part or all of their large intestine removed. A trained scientist, manager of a physics lab at the University of… Read More

The whys and wherefores of the volitional control of breathing

Breathing above the brainstem: Volitional control and attentional modulation in humans.  Authors Jose Luis Herrero1, Simon Khuvis2, Erin Yeagle2, Moran Cerf3, and Ashesh D. Mehta4,* 1Feinstein Institute for Medical Research   2Laboratory of Human Brain Mapping,Feinstein Institute for Medical Research   3Northwestern University   4Hofstra North Shore LIJ School of Medicine and Feinstein Institute for… Read More