Long covid brain fog research project participants required for online study: please circulate

The COVID-19 pandemic has had huge effects across the world, infecting more 40 million people, and resulting in the deaths of over 1.4 million people. It has caused major changes to the ways we live, work, play, socialise. We are lucky that several vaccines have been developed and tested so quickly, and with such positive outcomes –… Read More

Black holes; dad biology; Bulgarian population collapse; poor ancestors; covid vaccine explainer; Music: Tricky; Melody Gardot

Black holes; dad biology; Bulgarian population collapse; poor ancestors; covid vaccine explainer; Music: Tricky; Melody Gardot – all here…– sign-up at for regular small, medium, & large slices of writing on brains, behaviour, and everything in between#writing #writinglife #wellbeing #creativity #vaccine #COVID19 #music #dads #bulgaria

Our (future) cities, our (future) selves

(Urban, wealth, education, ageing; Songs of the city: The Specials; Marvin Gaye; Randy Crawford) We humans have embarked an on an unprecedented quadruple experiment – one affecting just about everyone on the planet. And, remarkably, excluding academia and some rarefied policy circles, we aren’t really talking about it, or even thinking too hard about it.… Read More

Bad News on Brain Training- it doesn’t work (but check out things that do)

(Music: Dave Brubeck; Yann Tiersen) Brain Training doesn’t work… The search is on for the brain training shortcut allowing you to perform better, stronger, faster, and for longer. We’d all like a shortcut to help us function better: one that quickly overcomes fatigue, boosts our overall performance, one that enhances learning and memory. For most of us,… Read More

Everything you might think you think about the human response to apocalyptic times is wrong (and, in other content, some new-ish music)

Sign-up for my Brain Pizza newsletter: ‘Slices of writing on brains, behaviour & anything between’ – straight to your inbox (easy signup;  easy unsubscribe). Contents: A piece I originally wrote for a panel appearance* at the wonderful Long Room Hub at Trinity College Dublin online public series: Rethinking Democracy in an Age of Pandemic. I… Read More

YANSS 189 – Why we must use social science to fight misinformation, partisanship, conspiratorial thinking, and general confusion when we finally have a vaccine for COVID-19

In this episode of the You Are Not So Smart Podcast, we sit down with four experts on vaccines, epidemiology, psychology, and science communication to try and understand how we created so much confusion about COVID-19, and how we can avoid doing so again when a vaccine is ready for widespread, public distribution. Also in… Read More

YANSS 182 – Why we find A/B testing icky when it comes to policies, practices, medicine, and social media

In 1835, at a tavern in Bavaria, a group of 120 people once met to drink from a randomized assortment of glass vials. Before shuffling them, they divided the vials into two sets. One contained distilled water from a recent snowfall and the other a solution made by collecting 100 drops of that water and… Read More

Why Walking Matters—Now More Than Ever (essay in the Wall St Journal)

I have an essay up on today’s Wall Street Journal. Snippet: Why does walking make us feel good? We all know that a satisfying stroll changes our outlook. Perhaps we realize it all the more today, when so many of us are hunkered down and this simple activity is a challenge. But walking is especially… Read More