Public Speaking, Workshops & Seminars

I regularly speak at academic, industry and nongovernmental organisation workshops and seminars.

I speak about the brain systems supporting learning, memory, cognition and decision-making and the brain systems affected by stress, anxiety, depression and motivation.

I also explore the application of brain and behavioural science within businesses and organisations (see my book ‘A Brain for Business – A Brain for Life‘).

Broadcast Media: I have appeared on many broadcast media stations (radio, television, podcast) over the years. These include RTE, BBC, Newstalk and CBC among others.

Here are a few pieces:

My top five books podcast on Newstalk with Shane Coleman.

This is a piece I did on NewsTalk FM on #Brexit – focusing on memory, the reminiscence bump and confirmation bias in reasoning about difficult problems (and the power of narrative over mere facts and data!)

Working Better: Brain Science in Business – The Innovation Ecosystem

The Brain Box: Promo 2 – The Brain Box on Newstalk 106 -108 FM

Discussing torture on Neil Delamere’s Sunday Best

Discussing on BYU Radio’s Top of Mind, the brain’s response to extreme stress

On the BBC World Service program Newsday discussing torture

On RTE’s Tubridy; On NewsTalk’s Moncrieff Show; On NewsTalkDrive

On NewsTalkDrive on Minding your Memory


Speaking at the Royal Institution, London: The Science of Stress: From Psychology to Physiology

How neuroscience can fuel a start-up (with Stephen McIntyre of Twitter)

The neuropsychology of person and brand perception (with Dr Aoife Lyons of Alltech)

ESB Powering Potential Expo

Zombie Neuroscience: Shane O’Mara at TEDxDublin, 2013