What use are PhD’s? What future do they have?

 A picture attached to a tweet I received from Where will a biology PhD take you? Probably not academia: <8% of new PhDs will get tenure. via @jameswilsdon pic.twitter.com/wtkafMWOWZ — Mo Costandi (@mocost) April 15, 2014 @mocost (and others) is profoundly depressing. It plots the number of biology PhD students in the US (86,000) against the… Read More

No one reads your paper either — The Serial Mentor (But why you should publish anyway)

   No one reads your paper either — The Serial Mentor. Claus Wilke is Professor of Integrative Biology at The University of Texas at Austin. He writes: Simon Goring wrote an interesting post a few days ago arguing that no one reads your blog. In his post, he discussed reasons for why you might want to blog anyway. This post prompted me… Read More