At the Festival of Curiosity – Design Futures (And me on why wearables don’t work)

The Festival of Curiosity (And why wearables don’t work) Really enjoyed @festofcuriosity event with the fab @AmyCongdon @shaunoboyle @smomara1 (pic by @dj_mckeown) — claireoconnell (@claireoconnell) July 23, 2015 Great talks today, all moderated by the ever-excellent and wonderful Claire O’Connell.  Amy Congdon gave an eye-popping talk on the possible clothes and fabrics of tomorrow; Shaun… Read More

Roles for the subiculum in spatial information processing, memory, motivation and the temporal control of behaviour.

Take-home message: The subiculum is in a pivotal position governing the output of the hippocampal formation. Despite this, it is a rather under-explored and sometimes ignored structure. Here, we discuss recent data indicating that the subiculum participates in a wide range of neurocognitive functions and processes. More research required! [Download the paper] Roles for the subiculum… Read More