The Connected Hippocampus, 1st Edition | Shane O’Mara, Marian Tsanov | ISBN 9780444635495

The Connected Hippocampus, 1st Edition | Shane O’Mara, Marian Tsanov | ISBN 9780444635495 The purpose of this volume is to encourage researchers to situate the hippocampus as part of a network connected to the rest of the brain and not to consider it in isolation. We therefore present a selection of chapters that concentrate on… Read More

The subiculum: what it does, what it might do, and what neuroanatomy has yet to tell us.

Take-home message: a combined review and theory, presenting some ideas on the functions of the subiculum. I argue that there is a dorso-ventral segregation of function within the subiculum: the dorsal component appears principally concerned with the processing of information about space, movement and memory, whereas the ventral component appears to play a major regulatory role… Read More

Marathon Man: Hoffman, Olivier, Paranoia and Tortured Information Extraction

[My book ‘Why Torture Doesn’t Work: The Neuroscience of Interrogation’ (Harvard UP) can be preordered from Amazon (.com) – more details at end of post] Marathon Man, starring Dustin Hoffman and Sir Laurence Olivier, is a classic of the paranoid thriller genre that was so popular during the 1970’s. It is also renowned for an extended and graphic torture sequence.… Read More