Some adventures in fringe science: Lyall Watson and ‘new age’ biology

We did a major cull of books today – which was purgative, reminiscence-inducing and shelf-clearing.It’s a little odd clearing out lots of old books – even if they are destined for a good home. You’ve spent time in the company of something that someone has worked very hard to produce, even if it’s just some… Read More

Two very different writers who passed in 2013: Norman Geras and Colin Wilson

Norman Geras, who wrote the wonderful Normblog died in October 2013. I didn’t know him personally, although we exchanged a few emails (principally for his movie polls). His blog was always enjoyable, and beautifully-written. Norm was principally a political philosopher and political historian. His critical and analytic skills were remarkable, and he was possessed of an especial clarity… Read More