Evidence for cognitive-enhancing effects of modafinil and methylphenidate is surprisingly thin – perhaps because wakefulness-promotion and cognitive enhancement are confused

There is huge media and other interest in cognitive-enhancing drugs. A few minutes searching on the internet will uncover stories of students and others using modafinil and some other compounds in an effort to enhance their own cognitive function. The evidence for the cognitive-enhancing effects of these compounds is surprisingly thin, however, despite claims about… Read More

Why no public hue and cry over neuroscience disinvestment? Does nobody care about brain diseases and brain disorders?

The past few years have seen astonishing disinvestment by the pharmaceutical industry in neuroscience research. There have been closures announced of whole research divisions by virtually all the major pharmaceutical companies. They are ceasing research in neuroscience because of its complexity, cost, and their current lack of capacity to deliver a pipeline of meaningful market… Read More