Contra Boris Johnson, IQ doesn’t ensure life success: Non-cognitive skills and poverty matter greatly, too

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has been criticised for statements on life success, inequality and intelligence in a wide-ranging speech. IQ, despite what Boris seems to think, incompletely predicts life outcomes: one important review concludes that ‘…the magnitude of the effects of personality traits on mortality, divorce, and occupational attainment was indistinguishable from the effects of SES and cognitive ability on these… Read More

Sometimes, very smart people say (kinda, sorta) uninformed things: Last comments on teaching and MOOCs (for a while)

From the Fast Company profile of Sebastian Thrun: It’s hard to imagine a story that more thoroughly flatters the current sensibilities of Silicon Valley than the one into which Thrun stumbled. Not only is reinventing the university a worthy goal–tuition prices at both public and private colleges have soared in recent years, and the debt burden… Read More