I have an ISBN! 9780674743908 (preorder details for: Why Torture Doesn’t Work: The Neuroscience of Interrogation)

My forthcoming book (Why Torture Doesn’t Work: The Neuroscience of Interrogation, Harvard University Press, November 2015) now has an ISBN (9780674743908) and the book is starting to appear on searches in prepublication (see this) format. It even has a page on Amazon’s Japanese site! It is also available to pre-order via Amazon UK and Amazon USA. Amazon (.com) Amazon (.co.uk) Harvard… Read More

A great piece on a new biography of Pavlov (with some updates, including PIT)

Here is a great piece on Pavlov – in the New Yorker – a review of a new biography by Daniel Todes, who also has an article/22 piece listicle on Pavlov on the OUP blog which is well worth reading. Among many nuggets, Pavlov seemingly characterised his own foul temper tantrums as “spontaneous morbid paroxysms”; didn’t a get a tenured position… Read More