What’s it worth? The economic case for medical research

Need to argue that investment in research is economically worthwhile*? This blog provides the (latest) case. Money quote: “The authors estimate that for every pound invested in cancer-related medical research there is a direct economic return of 10 pence year on year, far in excess of the UK Government’s stated minimum threshold of 3.5 pence… Read More

Doing a TEDx talk – some thoughts

So, I did a TEDx talk. Extraordinary enough to be asked, and humbling too (thanks Science Gallery folk!). Nerve-wracking also. There is a peculiar nakedness to a TEDx talk. You stand on the red spot – you shouldn’t move around much (at least the online instructions tell you not to). No rostrum to hide behind –… Read More

Hippocampal-anterior thalamic pathways for memory: uncovering a network of direct and indirect actions.

Our major theoretical take and review of the extended brain systems that support explicit, declarative memory in the brain. [Download the paper.] Take-home message: there’s a lot more to memory than the hippocampal formation, and you forget (!) the connected thalamic structures at your peril, because the anterior thalamus provides a subcortical circuit supporting memory and spatial… Read More