Validation of the face-name pairs task in major depression: impaired recall but not recognition

Take-home Message: memory – and especially associative memory – is impaired in a wide variety of neuropsychiatric and neurological conditions. Face-name pair learning is a useful method to tap into deficits in associative memory; usefully, it is a task dramatically impaired by lesions of the extended hippocampal formation. Here, we show that patients with depression showed… Read More

Business leaders must take a stand on mental health –

Business leaders must take a stand on mental health – via Business leaders must take a stand on mental health – Great, timely and important piece. A quote: The fact that we only talk about workplace stress when there is a high-profile case of mental ill-health is a problem. And another: … mental… Read More

Interactions Between Paired-Pulse Facilitation, Low-Frequency Stimulation And Behavioral Stress In The Pathway From Hippocampal Area CA1 To The Subiculum: Dissociation Of Baseline Synaptic Transmission From Paired-Pulse Facilitation And Depression Of The Same Pathway.

Here’s an old and difficult to access paper (Download: Commins & O’Mara Psychobiol) of ours from Psychobiology – from the days before all journals were online. Hard to remember those days now… Psychobiology evolved into Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience (see past titles here – scroll to bottom). (This is the longest title on any paper I have ever published…) Commins,… Read More