Scientific and Technical Breakthrough of the Year: Using 3D Printing for in vivo Neurophysiology

The annual awards season is upon us. The various journals will nominate their scientific and technical breakthroughs of the year. There are lab awards too: well done TCIN for nominations in two categories. 3d printing is regarded by many as being the basis of the next industrial revolution (e.g. McKinsey & Company, 2013). I first encountered 3d printing in an… Read More

The Brain Prize 2013: the optogenetics revolution

The Brain Prize 2013: the optogenetics revolution:  ‘The 2013 Grete Lundbeck European Brain Research Prize was awarded to Ernst Bamberg, Edward Boyden, Karl Deisseroth, Peter Hegemann, Gero Miesenböck, and Georg Nagel ‘for their invention and refinement of optogenetics’.’ A great post on optogenetics from Kevin Mitchell. Optogenetics is transforming neuroscience.