No one reads your paper either — The Serial Mentor (But why you should publish anyway)

   No one reads your paper either — The Serial Mentor. Claus Wilke is Professor of Integrative Biology at The University of Texas at Austin. He writes: Simon Goring wrote an interesting post a few days ago arguing that no one reads your blog. In his post, he discussed reasons for why you might want to blog anyway. This post prompted me… Read More

Are People Overoptimistic about the Effects of Heavy Drinking? [J Risk Uncertain. 2013] – PubMed

Heavy drinkers have a sense that excessive alcohol consumption isn’t doing them much good. But, paradoxically, they believe the rapid and complex visuomotor integration required for driving is unaffected. Presumably the lack of conscious access to the non-declarative habit systems of the brain (tell me exactly how to drive a car, play a musical instrument… Read More