Want to kill a zombie? Forget my advice and get yourself a pet grizzly bear.

Forget my advice and get yourself a pet grizzly bear… http://boingboing.net/2013/10/14/zombiesvsanimals.html Fabulous piece with amazing wildlife embeds. And it maybe explains why you see so few animals in zombie flicks: the producers know that a grizzly bear is more than a match for a zombie swarm.

Doing a TEDx talk – some thoughts

So, I did a TEDx talk. Extraordinary enough to be asked, and humbling too (thanks Science Gallery folk!). Nerve-wracking also. There is a peculiar nakedness to a TEDx talk. You stand on the red spot – you shouldn’t move around much (at least the online instructions tell you not to). No rostrum to hide behind –… Read More

Zombie Neuroscience: Shane O’Mara at TEDxDublin – YouTube

Take-home messages: (1) Get a kit, make a plan, be prepared; (2) “It’s always a source of disappointment to the family of a zombie that the zombie doesn’t love them anymore”; (3) Kill the brain. via Zombie Neuroscience: Shane O’Mara at TEDxDublin – YouTube.